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CA Type Agricultural Chain

This corn head gathering chain assembly fits Fantini corn head gathers. What separates this chain assembly from others is that it uses an extreme-duty CA627 chain that is assembled using special high-strength heat-treated components and features a solid roller design for increased performance and durability. These chains are made with chrome pins which can make them last twice as long. It has 7 (6) CPEF2 attachments/ gathering lugs that are spaced every 15.35″ and it is 78 links long, which is 92.12″ total.


Roller diameter

Width between inner plates

Pin diameter

Ultimate tensile strength

CA Type Agricultural Chains

C80F3 OR Pitch: 25.4mm
Roller diameter: 15.88mm
Width between inner plates:15.78mm
Pin diameter: 7.92mm
Pin length: L36.6mm Lc 38.7mm Plate depth: 24.0mm Plate thickness: 3.25mm Ultimate tensile strength: 56.7/12886 kN/lbf Average tensile strength: 69.4kN

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